As Anglicans within the Diocese of Willochra we provide spaces and places in our parish to be and to do.

We are an inclusive church which offers God's grace to all, in a child safe and friendly environment, where our members undergo screening and training.

Please visit the Diocese Of Willochra website and go to the Professional Standards page for further information.

We value relevance, relaxation and fun.

We respect the worth of every person regardless of background and foreground.

We are moving towards being less Sunday centric as we live and work in our own communities.

We support ecumenical occasions and friendships.

We believe that God, who is never alone - being always 'at home' with Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit - wants to communicate with us through PEOPLE, SCRIPTURE, PRAYER, MEDITATION, WORSHIP and SHARED ACTIVITIES.

We believe that GOD IS A LOVING GOD who does not send bad things to his creation but that there is a POWER OF EVIL which darkens our lives and our world.

We cherish the GOSPEL which reminds us that we each may offer our 'tiny grain of seed, our little bits of light and salt' to live as 21st century Christian people.

We nurture our spirits through Baptism and Holy Communion as sacramental acts of our intention.
We offer Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals as well as home and hospital visits.

We provide opportunities for service within our church life, in MISSION to SEAFARERS and in PRISON MINISTRY.
We nurture social justice initiatives in our communities of faith and life.

We are here to grow closer to God.

We invite you to be in touch should you resonate with our offerings.'

Various rights are offered to become part of our Christain family.
At St Matthews Church, Poonindie we baptised mother and daughter, a very special occasion for all involved.

For this very special occasion in your life the Parish of Port Lincoln offers Christian weddings in a variety of settings, along with the traditional Church wedding.

The Parish of Port Lincoln provides support for families during this difficult time through prayer and practical support.

Hall Hire - The Parish Hall is located on the grounds of St Thomas, Washington Street, Port Lincoln.
Contact Penel Jones 8682 3351 for information.